What writing means to me

I once read a statistic stating that 90% of North Americans want to write a book someday. I was one of those people, too. I remember one evening, about eight years ago or so, turning to my husband and saying, "You know, I wish I was more creative. Then I could write a novel." (This coming from a woman with a BA in English Literature, who worked as a technical writer. I had no doubt I could write essays, marketing articles and technical manuals. But a whole novel? Nah uh!)

He looked at me, smart man that he is, and said, "Do you really want to write a novel? I mean really want to write one?"

"Of course!" I replied.

"Then do it. That excuse about not being creative enough is just that. An excuse."

I grumbled for a while. I mean, how dare my loving husband tell me I was making excuses? I knew what I could and couldn't do, right? I sure as heck knew it better than he did! And then when I was done arguing, I admitted he might have a point. I started small, one "What If" thought at a time. One day I jotted down a title that resonated with me on the back of a napkin. Another day I came up with a bit of dialogue and wrote that down. Before I knew it, I had a character in mind. And then a premise. So I started writing and I haven't stopped since.

That was 28 books ago. Five of those have been full-length novels. Ironically enough, my first full-length novel won an EPPIE Award for Best Paranormal Romance with Erotic Elements.

What I love most about writing is knowing, without a doubt, that I am creative. That I can do anything I set my mind to. That there are no roadblocks when it comes to what I can accomplish, except for those I create myself.

To me, writing means always having a creative outlet in which to lose myself. It also means having something that's all mine. Something personal and wonderful, born of my own imagination and created, one word at a time, with lots of love. What could be better?

Lacey Savage


Blogger Dawn_Montgomery said...

Your husband rocks, Lacey. :) Am I GLAD you listened.

7:58 AM  
Blogger Lacey Savage said...

You and me both, Dawn! :-)

10:43 AM  
Blogger beth kery said...

Beautiful new blog, Lacey. As usual, you always give useful, timely information.
Are we pumped about the Seventy Days of Sweat?

4:42 PM  
Blogger beth kery said...

Oh, forgot to say: the guy on your blog looks likes he's mad of chocolate. Mixing two fetishes together is dangerous, now Lacey.

4:43 PM  

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