Book Review: The Now Habit, by Neil Fiore

As I was telling my chat group earlier today, I'm somewhat obsessive about my books. Frankly, I don't think anyone was surprised. I read a lot, and I buy more books than I can read... it's a losing battle, but one that I, frankly, don't want to win.

Anyway, since I keep a book journal, I thought I'd start sharing with you guys the books I really, truly adore. Those that have made a big impact in my life, or those I keep thinking about weeks after turning the last page.

Today, I'm starting with THE NOW HABIT, by Neil Fiore, a book that completely changed my productivity levels.

The following is taken directly out of my book journal:

Title: The Now Habit
Series: N/A
Author: Neil Fiore
Genre: Non-Fiction / Psychology / Self-Improvement
Format: Softcover
Publisher: Tarcher
Pub. Date: April, 2007
Page Count: 201
My Rating: A+ (100%)

First Sentence
: Whether you are a professional, an entrepreneur, a middle manager, a writer, or a student who wants to overcome problems with procrastination – or if you simply want to be more efficient in completing complex and challenging projects – this program will help you get results.

Blurb: Originally published by Tarcher in 1988, The Now Habit has sold more than 58,000 copies, and is as relevant as ever!

Author Neil Fiore offers the first comprehensive strategy to overcome the causes of procrastination and to eliminate its deleterious effects. His techniques will help any busy person get more things done more quickly, without the anxiety and stress brought on by failure to meet the workplace's pressing deadlines.

This revised, redesigned edition includes a new introduction and a section that provides strategies to understand and deal with the complex role technology plays in procrastination today.

My Brief Comments: This book was exactly what I needed. I was suffering from a really bad case of procrastination. I wanted to write… just not badly enough to do anything about it. And the more days that passed when not a word got written, the worst I felt about it (and about myself). Fiore takes a positive approach to curing procrastination. His theories are based on the concept that procrastination is good for you. It’s not a weakness or a flaw. After all, we wouldn’t be doing it if it didn’t feel good. So he teaches us how to get those same benefits through other methods. He also says that overcoming procrastination leads to better, more frequent “play” breaks. He’s right.

This is the point at which I would normally offer an excerpt, but I can't seem to find one readily available.

I hope those of you who check out this book get as much out of it as I have.


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