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I'm probably the most organized person you'll ever meet. Even my To Do lists have To Do lists. However, those organizational skills don't apply to my writing desk, which is pure chaos on the best day.

Does it bother me? Not at all. I love being surrounded by papers, magazines, books, notes on my latest WIP, journals (I have way too many of those), colored pens, at least six stacks of sticky-notes (of all different shapes, sizes and colors), candles, hand cream, my graphics tablet, my wallet (that credit card has to stay within reach at all times), and 20 tarot decks.

Knowing all that stuff is usually on my desk, you might wonder how I can even fit my keyboard and monitor on its glass surface. Well, not only can I fit those pertinent items, but I even have room for an observer:




So, what about you? What (or who) sits on your writing desk?

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Blogger Linda McLaughlin said...


You're kitty is getting so big! How old is he now?

Not much sits on my writing desk since it's so small, but I'm usually surrounded by notebooks and reading devices, etc. Neat is not in my vocabulary, I'm afraid, lol. Doesn't mean I'm not organized.

Linda / Lyndi

7:56 PM  
Blogger Lacey Savage said...


I'm amazed at how quickly Tex has grown! He's 7 months old, and we've had him since February 2nd (so, about 3 months now). Poor little guy had been abandoned as a kitten, and he lived on the streets for a while. When we got him, he had ear mites and worms. We took him to the vet and got him all fixed up, and now he's happy as can be. We really like having him. :-)

And I couldn't agree more about organized chaos! Just because a place isn't perfectly neat doesn't mean you can't find what you're looking for.


11:21 AM  

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