Book Review: Stripped

Another recommendation straight from my book journal.

My... how Harlequin Blaze has changed. Witches and hot sex? I'm there! Well-written characters and a well-executed plot? Be still my heart!

Title: Stripped
Series: The Bad Girls Club (multi-author series)
Author: Julie Elizabeth Leto
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Harlequin Blaze
Pub. Date: August, 2007
Page Count: 233
My Rating: A+ (96%)

First Sentence
: "You can't be serious."

Blurb: Lilith St. John is a witch--really. And she hasn't been too good lately. It seems using her powers to make Detective Mac Mancusi totally infatuated with her was a big no-no. Who knew? After all, what woman could resist having a sexy guy like Mac aching for her every minute they were apart? But the council isn't pleased--in fact, they're stripping Lilith of her powers. What's a witch to do?

Especially now--when Mac's suddenly back in her life, looking to rekindle the magic�

(Read an excerpt on Julie's site)

My Brief Comments: This was such a fun book! I loved how the paranormal elements were not only easily integrated into the plot – they were the plot. Those same paranormal elements also provided both internal and external conflict, which was beautifully handled. A wonderful, touching, emotional read. It definitely deserved the Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice award it won for Best Blaze of 2007.


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Blogger Molly said...

How about a new definition of "Soul Mates"? I just finished reading, and re-reading, PF Kozak's book Take Me There. This author weaves a wonderful and glorious tale of life and love. The plot twists and turns, and to make it even more interesting, we the readers get to choose which plot to follow. I re-read this book several times, each with a different ending.

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